Add a Word, Ruin a Christian Book

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Lee | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Feb 17 2015 10:21 PM

Why Only One Way? Defending an Exclusive Claim in an Inclusive World

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Doc B | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Feb 18 2015 9:01 AM

The Jesus People You Can't Ignore by MacArthur

The Soul Gameshow Winner by Spurgeon

The Making of an Atheist Cheesecake, by Spiegel

What's So Great About the Doctrines of Grace Slick? by Phillips

The Word Became Fresh Vegetables by DR Davis

A Quest for More Beer by P. Tripp

Desperate Housewife Theologian by Aimee Byrd

The Great Healthcare Exchange by Bridges and Bevington

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Russel Taylor | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Feb 18 2015 11:14 AM

The Great Third Divorce by C. S. Lewis

Increasing the Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Foxe's Cook Book of Martyrs by John Foxe

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Rosie Perera | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Feb 18 2015 1:08 PM

Vanishing Cream Grace by Philip Yancey

The Cloister Walk for the Cure by Kathleen Norris

How Should We Then Live Longer? by Francis Schaeffer

Church Lady Dogmatics by Karl Barth

Christ at the Shopping Center by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Hinds Feet on High School Places by Hannah Hurnard

The Grand Piano Miracle by C.S. Lewis

The Idea of the Holy Cow by Rudolph Otto

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