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Francis | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Jan 21 2010 4:09 PM | Locked

This issue is actually in Logos 3 but since it has appeared since I have been using Logos 4 as well on the same computer, and since I am currently using a 4.0b beta 5, I am posting it here.

In Logos 3, I get a scroll bar dividing resource or report windows. It does not happen systematically but regularly. See the screenshot for an example:

Sometimes the scroll bar is right in the middle of the window. You would probably notice that there are other visual disturbances when that happens (see the top of the window in this case).

I think it is related to the presence of Logos 4 on the system because on a couple occasions (that I have not been able to reproduce), there were actually in the Bible window, notches in the scroll bar to indicate previously visited references as in Logos 4. I believe that the references where not those I had visited in Logos 3, but those I had visited in Logos 4 showing in Logos 3.

How is that possible I do not know, but I am wondering if it may be connected to the fact that in order to avoid duplicate resource files on my computer, I added the Logos 4 resource path to Logos 3 and eliminated duplicates from the Logos 3 resource folder.

I used purgedls.bat to clean out Logos 3 and then reinstalled and that has not solved the problem. It is not a big problem but I thought the Logos team should be aware of it in case it bears on using Logos 3 and 4 on the same computer.



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