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Pastor Roger | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Feb 1 2010 5:36 AM

Today is February 1st.  I opened my Home Page and I'm still seeing advertisements for upgrading (which ended on January 31st). Likewise, The Logos website is old news as well. And, I just checked my iPhone's Home Page...Old news. Don't you have someone who monitors this?   Come on Logos. You have to keep up the front end of your business (Your storefront) looking good too. The details matter.

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TCBlack | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Feb 1 2010 6:32 AM

Roger the design of the home page is intentional.  It basically reads an RSS feed of the Logos Blog and other pages and injects the articles into your home page. As a new article is published, the old ones will get "pushed down" and slowly fade away.

With this model, they help ensure that people who do not look at the home page every day get a chance to see the articles they may have missed.  The downside, as you note is it introduces potentially dated material into the mix. 

Also, depending on your time zone you'll be up and at it long before Logos is.  They're located in Bellingham Washington and thus while it is 8:30 here in my office, it's only 6:30 in theirs.  As soon as people start punching in over there, a new blog will be published and a home page refresh will bring new information.

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Pastor Roger | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Feb 1 2010 6:54 AM

Thanks Thomas.  I understand how it works, but Logos, in several places, says that the Home Page is like waking up to the morning paper (or words to that effect).  With all of their technology, someone can surely write a little program that removes dated material??

P.S.  I'm in the same time zone as Logos, but I'm probably awake before they get to work Yes

Elder/Pastor, Hope Now Bible Church, Fresno CA

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David Lowther | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Feb 1 2010 7:03 AM

Just a couple of observations - I think the home page is working as designed. Newer articles look like they are on the left and work their way to the right as new updates become available. When I opened the home page at 8:00 am EST, there was a new blog entry from 12:00 am Feb 1st. I actually like having the previous entries around as they age out, but that is personal preference.

I was curious to see what the page would look like without the Update section at the top that has become so familiar. I see that not only is the "Update Now" section still on the page, but it looks like I might be able to still order the update. I can select one and add it to my cart. I did not try to see if the order would be accepted. Smile It might be that last minute buyers can still get the discount.

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William | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Feb 1 2010 1:17 PM

I was just thinking about this....Are you sure your referring to the discount....I am sure you can always just cant get the discount. 

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David Lowther | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Feb 1 2010 3:03 PM

Oops - double post

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David Lowther | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Feb 1 2010 3:05 PM

The information that I say this morning was that same as it has been all along. Now, there is still an "exclusive offer" but the price for the upgrade has increased with the same percentage discount as before. That is not what I expected.

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