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GregW | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Aug 10 2015 12:38 PM

Jonathan Bradley:

Now I have never taken a class on languages or used the resources very much before, and I am wanting to learn. What are the various elements there in the DBD entries that I need to know for learning? I looked up the word "belong" from Jonah 2:9 in the BDB that is in the screenshot below. Thanks for any help I can get!

Hi Jonathan - one thing you can do is switch to "Outline format" view, which make sit considerably easier to view and read. It's a neat feature introduced in Logos 6 for some lexicons. To switch it on, go to the three circles at the top of the tile and check "Outline formatting". It won't work on earlier versions of Logos, but it does make the lexical entries a lot clearer. 

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