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Dave L | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Aug 13 2015 12:50 PM

Using MS Word 2013, Logos 6 does not automatically read and convert Scripture references to links all the time. One paragraph has about half recognized and working OK but the rest are just text. Logos isn't recognizing this string; Acts 13:1; I Cor. 12:28 f. Eph. 4:11; Rom. 12:6 f. but all others around it.

Also sometimes the invisible portion shows with the converted link; sample; [[(1:1-2) >> Hebrews 1:1;2]]. This one showed everything with the Scripture reference made clickable instead of the original reference.

Any suggestions appreciated.


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Ken McGuire | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Aug 13 2015 1:15 PM

I use Word 07, so can't help with many of the issues.. But while the pb compiler picks up many tags on its own, it misses some too. A frustrating limitation is that Jn 1.1f. works, but with a space Jn 1.1 f. doesn't.

In addition there are seemingly random references that are not picked up. But while sometimes a bit frustrating, I am glad that it detects some - even most scripture references without manual tagging. But it does leave a bit of proofreading for the user if you want to make sure it is exhaustive...

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Dave L | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Aug 13 2015 4:54 PM

Thanks for the reply. Yes

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