The real Encyclopedia Br. is on CP (safer too)

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Not a full description in the title of this thread, but if You want something close to a real deal, go for:
Encyclopedia Britannica (32 vols.)

Keep bidding high, low bids won't matter!
Reasons for bidding:

  • Highly valued and sought for by antiquarians.
  • The Edition where they paid attention to language and how well-written the articles should be.
  • Pre-WWI (just before).
  • History-interest material instead of focusing on and thinking that our age is the best. Personally even though we've advanced in many things, many other things were different in the past, our (free-)time was consumed in a different way in the past, for example: we didn't have access to entertainment in the same way but we didn't expect technological entertainment in the past.
  • A wealth of multi-faceted entries.
  • Product will be delivered as advertised.
  • Have a look at the number of pages and see that higher bids than the going bid are motivated!

Faithlife should raise the going bid for this resource, I know the person who set the bid at $100 instead of $120 and he regrets that move.

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