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Erich-Ayumi | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Oct 9 2015 2:47 PM

I just watched today's blog about how you can find O.T. quotes in N.T.

The video used Acts 2 and Peter as an example

{Speaker <Person Peter>} WITHIN {Section <LiteraryType Quotation, Old Testament>}

This is amazingly handy! I wonder if you guys have some of your own that you can share with us in forums?

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Dave Hooton | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Oct 9 2015 3:37 PM

The various Literary Types can be found in the resource "The Lexham Glossary of Literary Types" e.g.

<LiteraryType Announcement of Punishment>

God may often be the Speaker, but in prophecy the Addressee is often the prophet. So can we find where (if?) the prophecy of impending punishment is addressed to a specific person? Try

<Person Zedekiah (king)> WITHIN {Section <LiteraryType Announcement of Punishment>}

Here's some more:

{Addressee <Person Abraham>} {Section <LiteraryType Announcement>}


<Person Abraham> {Section <LiteraryType Announcement>}


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