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Pete De Bonte | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Nov 7 2015 8:08 PM

SCENARIOS: Over the course of today, I tried 3 ways to reply to one of Steve Runge's News/activity posts in the High Definition Bible Study group.

  1. Reply directly: After drafting the reply, I'd click the Post button, and nothing happened.  Tried this in both Firefox and Chrome.
  2. Sending a private message to him (i.e. float over his name, click the "Send a message" button; and there, uncheck the "Press enter to send" to reveal a "Send" button): that "Send" button likewise appeared non-functional to me.
  3. Replying via e-mail to the copy of the post that I'd received that way, but my reply still wasn't posted. (It apparently went into the bit-bucket without any sort of error reply.)

Finally, I found a solution: I was an "Observer" in High Def group, and upgrading myself to "Follower" allowed me to actually post the reply.

BUG: If a "Observer" can't post, why was a text area provided for me to compose a reply?

SUGGESTIONS (for each of my 3 scenarios, above):

  1. Instead of an unresponsive "Reply" area, give "Observers" a message saying something like: "You must be at least a 'Follower' in this group to reply to member posts
  2. Similarly, for private messages: if there is some reason that one may not "Send a message" to a Faithlife user, explain why before they invest time in drafting a message.  I'm now wondering if I, similarly, needed to be a "Follower" of Steve (or maybe it would have worked if I hadn't unchecked "Press enter to send"), but sending him test messages to diagnose it seems inappropriate : )
  3. If replies by e-mail are rejected (was that also because I was only an "Observer"?), an automated reply from explaining why the post was rejected would be helpful.


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Dustin Masters | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Nov 8 2015 6:49 PM

That sounds like a bug, we'll take a look.

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