Linux version of Logos Bible Software

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Daniel Ribeiro da Silva | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Jul 25 2020 5:26 AM


@Daniel,  My Logos has successfully updated from to with 5.11 wine-staging although it did have a couple of hiccups, e.g. re-downloading 3.5Gb of resources, and I think it had two attempts at downloading.  So far, after light use, I've not noted any particular additional issues, but these may emerge as I use it more.

The process I used to install may be different from yours (on Debian Bullseye):

connect to winehq packages; install winbind, winetricks, and cabextract.

these have evolved from the method at

I imagine you could use the latest Logos version from that page, now, instead of the one I have used.

 $   WINEPREFIX=$HOME/wine-5.11-staging/  WINEARCH=win64 wineboot                                                                            - cancel Wine Mono installation
 $   WINEPREFIX=$HOME/wine-5.11-staging/ winetricks -q win10 dotnet48 corefonts fontsmooth=rgb
 $   cp -R wine-5.11-staging/ wine-logos-5.11-staging (just to create a point to return to if it goes wrong)
 $   WINEPREFIX=~/wine-logos-5.11-staging/ winecfg ~/wine-logos-5.11-staging/                                 (and set to Windows 10 as default)
 $   WINEPREFIX=$HOME/wine-logos-5.11-staging/ msiexec /i ~/Downloads/
 $   WINEPREFIX=$HOME/wine-logos-5.11-staging/ wine64 ~/wine-logos-5.11-staging/drive_c/users/nick/Local\ Settings/Application\ Data/Logos/Logos.exe

And I generally have a couple of issues (I haven't applied the rendering workaround):
+ Login Screen has artifacts that make it hard to see where to enter user data.
+ Indexing seems to run at 80% of CPU on my system - and much faster! With the notification of indexing just before it jumps to 75%  And I don't think I noticed the blue bar on the Logos Setup window, extending across the screen as indexing completes.  It seems to peak at 1.66Gb RAM.  CPU drops at 6% then everything fluctuates wildly with RAM usage between 0.4 and 4Gb.  Seems to get stuck at 6% complete  It seems to finish at 448,508 Kb with 0% CPU but still only 6% indexed. -> 448,568 Kb
+ closed and opened.  Didn't open.  rebooted.  Opened.  Wanted to download 3.5Gb updates.  Completed successfully, with various program upgrades.

I've not tested it with the most recent wine-staging (5.13)

Thanks, Nick.

The steps here are almost the same, but using the 32bits version (with the AppImage). Then I will start the migration to pure 64bits installation, with wine 5.11 or higher, now. Thanks again.

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Joshua Stubbs | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Jul 29 2020 1:25 PM

A Linux release would be one of the hapiest moments in my life. Sigh.

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Matt | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Jul 30 2020 9:11 PM

Trying it tonight on ElementaryOS 5.1. It has gone well and is downloading resources. I added three upvotes on winehq (now #13).

Many thanks to everyone working on this!

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Steven Yu | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Aug 3 2020 11:17 PM

Wine has improved quite bit over the years, a lot of software and even heavy duty games can now run under Linux.

"And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free", John 8:32.
"你們必定認識真理,真理必定使你們自由", 約翰福音 8:3.

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