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Didi | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Feb 16 2016 5:45 AM

I really love the flash card application for the iPhone and the ability to create word lists from source texts and have been using it for months to extend my vocabulary in Hebrew and Greek.

However, there are several problems.

1. With iOS 9.2 on the iPhone 4s the flashcard app predictably hangs and needs to be restarted after each time the phone screen goes black. Sometimes that happens when a card is 'turned over', sometimes just by going forward one card, but either immediately or soon after waking the phone up. It was fine before the update to 9.2. I have not yet updated and tried the next version of the iOS - I'm worried that the number of problems will increase:-(

2. The flashcard program also hangs when the gloss of a word is too long and one tries to turn the card over, this happens e.g. with עמד which occurs somewhere in Genesis 18-20. But this is the first word in Genesis for Hebrew and in John for Greek with that problem - the first word with a problem in about 2500 is pretty good. Just that not everyone will be able to figure out the reason. At least the gloss could be truncated in the app.

3. One more problem: when starting on a new list that has sections, the app asks whether to use sections or not. I always answer with yes, then turn off all the sections I don't want but after that the app still asks all the words in the list, not just the ones for the single section I have turned on, disregarding the setting of the sections. This happens predictably. I then go to the section selection, edit it again (I have not quite figured out how often I need to change the settings to make it work as desired, but I usually get it after less than 3 tries) and only then do I get only the desired, 'turn-on' sections. The same happens if I turn off some sections before I start going through the flashcards for the first time.

4. Another small problem with the flashcard app is that when the app cannot get through to the server (I presume that is in order to load the sound) because the data use through the provider is off (e.g. when roaming in another country) and there is no wifi connection either, then I get the notice that the app cannot connect for every single card where I hesitate a fraction of a second too long before the next action. It would be nice if that notice would either just show without need to be acknowledged or only ask for an acknowledgement every so many minutes or seconds. I see it way too often for comfort.

But thanks again for the word lists and the app - it is super to have it.

Didi Kanjahn

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David Mitchell | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Aug 10 2016 6:20 AM

I love this app too but in the past few months it has started crashing after about 3 minutes use, every time.  Faithlife - we would love if you would fix this!  it's a great feature and I'd rather use it in Logos than a 3rd party app.

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