Logos Does Not Appear To Be Indexing - CHKDSK Finding A Lot Of Orphaned Logos Files

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Kevin Ball | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Mar 10 2016 6:41 PM

Logos does not appear to be indexing on my Windows 7 laptop anymore. And CHKDSK is finding a lot of orphaned files that have LOGOS in the description. I have also noticed that searches are causing LOGOS to stop working. The indexing issue has been around before 6.10 while the searches causing LOGOS to stop are just recent after the 6.10 upgrade. Any assistance in troubleshooting would be appreciated.

Also - I run LOGOS on a Mac as well as the indexing does not appear to be working there as well. The attached zip file is from my Windows machine - if someone needs the log files from my Mac please let me know.

Thanks and God Bless

4426.Logos Log Files.zip

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Is CHKDSK finding any bad sectors? It looks like you have a lot of file corruption (in different files) that may be symptomatic of hardware failure.

There is a bug in 6.10 (that predominantly--maybe only--affects Mac users) that can cause your index to be rebuilt unnecessarily. That may result in no search results while the reindexing happens. We hope to fix this in a Logos 6.10 SR-2 as soon as possible.

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Dean Stow | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Mar 10 2016 8:18 PM

I have to agree with Bradley.

If CHKDSK is finding ANYTHING, there is a problem.  It is usually the first indication of an impending hardware failure.

If the things it is finding are limited to Logos files, that sounds strange unless Logos is what you most often use.

Either way, as an IT Professional, I highly recommend that you copy (or backup) anything you care about (pictures, documents, etc.) off of that machine onto an external hard drive or onto another machine.  

The one thing that is certain about a hard drive is that it WILL fail at some point.  This could be your warning.  When they fail, it can often be too late.

If you have another hard drive in the same computer, that is probably an acceptable place to put the files but I would still recommend an external hard drive.  Don't trust another partition on the same drive because if it is failing and the boot sector goes, you never know what will be accessible or how hard it will be to access it.

These drives are ridiculously inexpensive when you think of the value of what you might be saving.

(Sorry if I got on a soapbox -- Please don't take it wrong - I have seen too many people with despair in their eyes because their entire collection of family photos has gone 'poof' and may not be recoverable.)

I will be happy to offer any help I can... just ask here.

Best of luck


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