How to Study Polar Opposite Topics Such as Law and Grace

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Dennis Davis | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Aug 6 2016 7:52 AM


I'm looking for some tips on how to do a thorough study of law vs. grace.  I have used one factbook for the topic grace and another for the topic law and gotten some good results.  I have also used the topic search as well as the search functions 'Near' and 'Within 5 words' which also have given me some good results but I am wondering if there is a more concise method to go about this type of search? 

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Paulo Bechara | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Aug 6 2016 8:02 AM

Hi Dennis,

Just a side note: maybe they are not so "polar opposites" as we think. I am also interested in getting answers from your question.

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Lonnie Spencer | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Aug 6 2016 8:27 AM

I know you asked for a search Dennis, but I am suggesting a book that may help your study. It might give you more ideas for more searches that would help you. Great subject.

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Fred Chapman | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Aug 6 2016 9:13 AM

Try this Basic search

(law NEAR versus, compared, opposed) WITHIN 5 words grace

Others may have additional searching ideas

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Dave Hooton | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Aug 6 2016 3:18 PM

(law NEAR verses, compared, opposed) WITHIN 5 words grace

I think Fred meant  (law NEAR versus, .....

type law into Factbook or Topic Guide and you will find "Law in the NT". ISBE has a detailed article on this.


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Fred Chapman | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Aug 6 2016 4:49 PM

Dave Hooton:
I think Fred meant  (law NEAR versus

I did. Thanks Dave, I edited the post

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Dennis Davis | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Aug 6 2016 10:22 PM

Thanks everybody.  These tips delivered a few more results than I had earlier.  I was thinking that there might be some Morris-level process that I hadn't considered but I'm glad to see that I was on the right track with the NEAR and WITHIN functions.  Again, many thanks! 

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John Brumett | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Aug 7 2016 5:32 AM

I found the following List by M.R. DeHaan Law or Grace very helpful. Although many of DeHaan's books are available in Logos this one is not.      

Law or Grace by M. R. DeHaan

1. The law prohibits us from coming to God—Grace invites us to come as we are.

2. The law condemns the sinner—Grace redeems him.

3. The law says, "Do this and live"—Grace says, "It is done."

4. The law says, "Try"—Grace says, "It is finished."

5. The law curses the sinner—Grace blesses the believer.

6. The law slays the sinner—Grace saves him.

7. The law shuts every mouth before God—Grace opens the mouth in praise to God.

8. The law condemns the best man—Grace saves the worst.

9. The laW says, "Pay up what you owe"—Grace says, "It is paid."

10. The law says, "The wages of sin is death"—Grace says, "The gift of God is eternal life."

11. The law says, "The soul that sinneth, it shall die"—Grace says, "Believe and live."

12. The law reveals man's sin—Grace atones for his sin.

13. By the law is the knowledge of sin—Grace provides redemption from sin.

14. The law was given by Moses—Grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.

15. The law demands obedience—Grace gives power to obey.

16. The law was written on stone—Grace is written in the heart.

17. The law was done away in Christ—Grace abides forever.

18. The law puts us under bondage—Grace sets the soul at liberty.

19. The law genders fear—Grace brings peace and confidence.[1]

See also C.I. Scofield book Rghtly Diving the Word of Truth Chapter 17 Law and Grace

see also Rightly Dividing the Word by Clarence Larkin pg. 195

see also Chafer's Systematic Theology  Vol. 4 Pg 203

[1] M.R. De Haan, Law or Grace (Zondervan, 1965).

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