Was anyone Poland 2016, World Youth Days? Unix looking friends

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Since few have added Unix on Facebook as a friend, I wanted to ask now if You or anyone You know were in Poland during the World Youth Days (WYD) 2016 or during the Week before it? So, first Unix was in a small village called Gidle with 1,200 inhabitants were the former major, a woman, hosted three guys, and the son in the family who was at home for that Week was very helpful and kind. It was the best small village Unix has been to.
Unix is looking for friends, and did almost as much as possible to be quick and at least give people a chance to get in touch later, although if people forget a persons phase they are less apt to spend any money on contacting the person, even $½. But Unix has his cell phone on and the line is not busy, Unix can call You back, so technically it doesn't have to cost them anything if they realize that. Log on to Facebook to add as friend! Thank You kindly!
If there are several pages on Facebook and You can't be certain, go to the Logos Resales group, and from there You can narrow down search to right person!
You may contact even after a very long time has past since this was posted! Traveling there with youths was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Thank You for taking the time to read this and having considered adding as a friend, giving a chance to people from different countries to start a friendship is valuable

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