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Jeff Chappell | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Oct 14 2016 11:36 AM

Hey everyone,

I need help. I want to search the Bible for all instances, in both old and new testaments, where "if" is a first class conditional followed by "then" if this is possible please help. I generally use search to find imperatives and such, but have been unable to figure this out. Thanks and Blessings.

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Dave Hooton | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Oct 14 2016 11:47 AM

I'm not certain about the morphology but a search for "if then" (with quotes) in a reverse interlinear should help.


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Fr Devin Roza | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Oct 14 2016 11:50 AM

If you right click on a first class conditional, you can actually see that tag in the context menu. You can then select it, and choose "search this resource (inline)" and search for the first class conditionals. Here is the search string it creates for you:

{Section <GrammaticalConstructions = 1st Condition>} 

Verbum can also search for the protosis or apodosis. Following the same procedure, here is the search for the apodosis:

{Section <GrammaticalConstructions = Apodosis>}

And to find the word "then" inside of the apodosis:

(<Lemma = lbs/el/ἆρα>, <Lemma = lbs/el/οὖν>) WITHIN {Section <GrammaticalConstructions = Apodosis>})

You can then combine those, and make sure both a first class condition and an apodosis with then are found in the same verse:

((<Lemma = lbs/el/ἆρα>, <Lemma = lbs/el/οὖν>) WITHIN {Section <GrammaticalConstructions = Apodosis>}) AND {Section <GrammaticalConstructions = 1st Condition>}

Finally, if you really want to get precise, use INTERSECTS instead of AND. That will make sure that the "then" is really the "then" of the first class conditional. This search is really nice:

((<Lemma = lbs/el/ἆρα>, <Lemma = lbs/el/οὖν>) WITHIN {Section <GrammaticalConstructions = Apodosis>}) INTERSECTS {Section <GrammaticalConstructions = 1st Condition>}

Wow, that's a long search - but mostly done by just pointing and clicking! Also, note that you can run this search on your English reverse-interlinear, even though you are searching for Greek words behind the English.

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