Song Library Browser and Service Planner Concept

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Philip Bassham | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Feb 21 2017 10:44 PM

It would be helpful to be able to browse and organize our library of songs. There is the ability to reuse items from past presentations, but that is not really ideal as a place to keep anything organized.

For instance,  we imported lots of songs into our 'my songs' library that we want to pick through and use, but there is no way to find them now without typing the name first. If there was a song browser, that would really help, but currently we have to use another place to manage songs.

Song Browser

Similar to the media browser, it could have a view to show only my songs, or the whole library, similar to how there is an option to show ALL or OWNED media.  And then tags to sort by author, type of song, if it has been used before, etc. And then in the main list, options to Sort by last sung, # of times sung, etc.

Service Planner

An added bonus would be a panel on the right that would show a list of upcoming presentations filtered to show just the songs in them, and allow songs to be dragged from the master list straight into future presentations. All planning done quickly and easily.

I even threw together a concept image to illustrate what I mean. Song info could be added above the Service Planner if need be.

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Scott Alexander | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Feb 22 2017 8:54 AM

Thanks for the detailed feedback Philip! We plan to improve song management in a future release. This feedback is really great! 

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Sorin Pantis | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Feb 10 2020 10:29 AM

Any further plans on adding a song library easier to manage?

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