Wildcard search for Hebrew Lemma Theme Vowels

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Mike Hogue | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Mar 12 2018 8:39 AM

I'd like to construct a visual filter based on the theme vowel of the lexical form of Hebrew verbs. It seems that this would require a morphological search, but a few things are not obvious to me:

1. How does the wildcard search work with Hebrew?  In particular, it seems that when my keyboard is set to Hebrew some of the wildcard characters don't work, but the right-to-left mechanism changes when I switch back to English.

2. Do wildcard searches also work in conjunction with lemmas and roots?  These forms are often not pointed. Would it be more efficient to search morphologically for the 3ms perfect verb form? If so, is there a way to associate those hits with the lemma and filter all morphological forms of the lemma returned with a specific morphological form of a verb?

3. For the theme vowel, (under R2)  based on Masoretic pointing, it seems like it would normally be the fourth character (when including pointing), but sometimes it would be the fifth if there's a dagesh in R1. Is there a creative way to get just the verbs with an a-class verb under R2?

My motivation comes from some research that has associated fientive vs. stative Hebrew verbs with a possible morphological link. My introductory grammar (Webster's Reading Biblical Hebrew) associates varying timeframe possibilities with the perfect and imperfect, depending on whether the verb is stative or fientive. It would be nice to have a filter that identifies which verbs would seem to be morphologically in these categories.

Thanks in advance -


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