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Thomas Reiter (Faithlife) | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Apr 3 2018 6:06 PM

Hey All,

After getting the HSV up for pre-pub last week (and I haven't forgotten you on the questions there either), I want to get the next ball rolling to make Logos more Dutch friendly.

I know we technically already have a Dutch user interface available in Logos, however that is severely outdated (I think it harkens back to Logos 5 days) and severly lacks in quality at times. Now some of you may already be familiar with our open translation project for the User interface at and may have potentially even participated. I have recently updated the project with up to date Desktop UI translations that should allow us to cover up those blemishes where English has started appearing within the Software.

What is different now than what it was before? 

Good question - so far anybody participating has only been able to do so as a translator, but not as a proofreader. As a translator you can only suggest and vote on a potential translation, however you are at the mercy of the masses. What I am hoping to do now is recruit a smaller subset of experienced users with a theological background that will be given proofreading rights and with whom I will interact, ensure quality, etc. This way I hope to achieve an interface that actually deserves the title of Dutch Logos, allowing people to effectively work with their Dutch interface.

(If successful and scaleable, we can then potentially even expand this out to projects such as the mobile apps, help files, etc.)

How can you help?

(Relatively) easy - You can already go ahead and check out the project and start contributing as a translator. The project is actually well advanced and only has about 20% left(it will most likely be even less, there is a technical issue right now that makes it impossible for us to delete some old files, which CrowdIn is addressing). If you feel up for a slightly bigger commitment and want to become a proofreader for the project, please send me an e-mail at telling me just a bit about yourself and why you want to contribute to the project.

I firmly believe that getting a proper UI is a great next step for Logos in Dutch and I think a lot of you will agree. While obviously most Dutch speakers speak at least passable English, we all know there is nothing like studying the Bible in your own language.

Manager, New Languages

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