New to Mac...question about hardware and question about software

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Nathan Monk | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, May 15 2010 9:33 PM

Hi Roberto

I am a Mac only user, running on a MacBook Pro 2.16 Dual Core 2. This is a four year old laptop. Logos works well, some aspects, Biblical places, people etc are slow to load but I believe that this will improve with time as the code gets tighter. To make it really fly I have replaced my standard hard drive with a SSD or solid state drive. This has made it sooo much faster. Not just Logos but the whole system. My other machine is a brand new 21.5 iMac 3.06 Dual Core 2 with 4Gb of memory and the older macbook pro is much faster to boot and load applictions. Heavy processing tasks like encoding CD's or converting my lectures to MP4 format are still quicker on the new mac but normal every day stuff if super quick on the MBP.  

Any current apple laptop is more than powerful enough, but do get more ram, both my machines have 4Gb and it makes a huge improvement.

The mac dev team are doing a fantastic job and soon we will have a top class product.


Kind regards



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