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Donnie Hale | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Aug 8 2018 7:03 AM

Can someone confirm that the current search capabilities at does not expose a UI mechanism for searching a range within my Bible?

I was using the app seriously for the first time last night and wanted to search for lemmas within Romans in the ESV. I can do that easily in the desktop UI, but I didn't see that capability on the web. If in fact that can't be done via a UI element, is there a syntax that can be included in the search text that would accomplish the same results?



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Lawrence Rafferty | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Aug 8 2018 9:28 AM

There is no UI yet for selecting a reference range like there is in desktop.

The Milestone search extension should work in your case, e.g. <Lemma = lbs/el/νόμος> WITHIN {Milestone <Romans>}

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