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Liam Maguire | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Aug 29 2018 4:22 AM

Reading Nehemiah today I was reminded of how much I would value a simple interactive that displayed the ancient Israelite calendar against the modern one. 

Something that allows me to input a date "1st Kislev" and then spit out the best equivalent in the modern calendar. 

A range feature would also be useful. E.g. 1st Kislev - 1st Nisan. The interactive would then tell me the best modern equivalent and the number of days, weeks, months, in the range. 

If there is a way to display this visually then it could also map seasons and rough timings of major festivals with links to relevant verses.

I'm sure that the Logos team could make each of these features look much sexier than I've described (cf. Psalms explorer!) but that is the basic idea. 

Thoughts welcome.

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Graham Criddle | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Aug 29 2018 4:33 AM

Not suggesting it's a total response to your request but the "Israelite Feasts and Sacrifices" Interactive would be a starting point

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Randy W. Sims | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Aug 29 2018 4:56 AM

Calendar would be cool. Seasons, weather, climate, growing seasons, festivals. Conversion to Gregoria’s, modern Hebrew, Julian, ancient roman, greek, egyptian calendars might be interesting. I used to have a book all about programming calendars.... Surprisingly complex... O, here: Calendrical Calculations. Some more good ideas in there...

EDIT: That wasn’t the latest edition. It’s here:

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Liam Maguire | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Aug 30 2018 12:13 AM

@ Graham: Thanks for the heads-up about the IFS Interactive. I didn't even know it existed! Whilst it answered my question in this instance, as you say it is not a total response. In truth, I can't help but feel it could be so much more and would certainly be a great starting point for a more fully orbed calendar interactive. 

@ Randy: Seasons, agricultural seasons, and conversion to other calendars would be awesome. Weather and climate might be a bit trickier since the weather and climate would differ from place to place. E.g. Hot and dry around Jerusalem, more temperate around Galilee. Great ideas though. :-D

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Bill Shewmaker | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Aug 30 2018 11:14 AM

As I was trying to use and understand the IFS panel, I noticed that you could "grab" the current day's date and move it around the circle. However, when it approached the bottom 1/3 of the circle, it disappeared and it sometimes would appear to jump instead of being a smooth movement around the circle. This might be a very useful tool...but only if you can see the date all the way around the circle.

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