Resources about the recommended Name to use in prayer.

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Hamilton Ramos | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Sep 23 2018 5:39 AM

Excellent search Ks4Jesus.

How would you go about searching about the name Joshua in L7? To my understanding, is the same name that Jesus had.

I think I read the correct name is Yahshua (Yahweh saves), but if I am not mistaken BK mentioned something about a vowel shift that made all names with a be pronounced as e.  Thus Yahshua became Yeshua.

If that hypothesis is correct, a human culture caused vowel shift, does not make the new pronounced Name authoritative.

Thanks ahead of time for the input.

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Rich DeRuiter | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Sep 23 2018 6:58 AM

Have you considered looking at the prayers in the New Testament? How do the inspired writers refer to the One to Whom they are praying? I think that would be a better place to start.

In Jesus' model prayer (the Lord's Prayer), He teaches us to pray to "Our Father in heaven" ("Padre nuestro que estas en los cielos"). I think that's a good place to start.

God has many names in Scripture, and it's never inappropriate to use them in our prayer life. However, we are also in a relationship with Him that is like that of Father and child (cf. Rom.8:15). I wouldn't call my dad by his first name; I call him dad because that acknowledges the place I am in relation to Him. So Father, or the Aramaic equivalent "Abba" would also be appropriate.

I once spoke with a Jehovah Witness and offered to pray with her. She refused unless I would address God as "Jehovah." I suggested that we address God the way Jesus taught us "Our Father in heaven." She still refused, suggesting that unless I was praying to "Jehovah" I was praying to the wrong "god." That's really sad.

I guess my point here is that I don't think we need to get all tied up in the names of God (as interesting and helpful as they are!). Just pray, and when we need a name (not all NT prayers address God directly, as in "I pray that...") "Father" or "Our Father" is all we need. I'm not saying that I'm against using other Names for God when we pray; I'm saying we don't need them.

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Hamilton Ramos | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Sep 24 2018 6:47 AM

Thanks Rich, you gave me some ideas.

Found the following:

Lord of the excluded,
Open my ears to those I would prefer not to hear,
Open my life to those I would prefer not to know,
Open my heart to those I would prefer not to love,
And so open my eyes to see
Where I exclude You.

—Iona Abbey Prayer


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