Bug? Unable to Identify "Notes" document in pop-up Window

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Rick Ausdahl | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Oct 17 2018 7:02 AM

"Bug" may not be the right term for this, but it is a problem.


I'm doing a study in Genesis and have multiple commentaries open.  Among them are a Genesis commentary from the "Expositor's Bible Commentary" series and one from the "Expositor's Bible Commentary (Revised)" series.

When selecting text that I want to make a note about, after right-clicking on the selected text to get the pop-up from which to select the appropriate "Notes" document, the "Notes" documents for both commentaries are in the selection list, but based on the character string displayed in the Pop-up, there's no way to tell which document is for the original series and which is for the revised series.  In fact, there's no way to even tell which volume within a series is being shown.  All that's visible within the Pop-up window is the string: Expositor's Bible Commentar.  No way to identify the series or even the volume number within a series.

The note I wanted to make was for text selected from the Revised series volume, so I thought I could solve the problem by closing the notes document for the volume from the original series.  But even after closing the notes document for the original volume, right clicking on the selected text still brought up entries for both notes documents.  Next, I tried updating my layout and doing a sync.  Right-clicking on the selected text still brought up entries for both notes documents.  So then I closed the notes document for the Revised series and tried right-clicking on the selected text again.  Entries for both notes documents still appeared in the Pop-up window.  It wasn't until I manually opened my full Documents list and selected the Notes document for the revised version thereby opening a new tab for it in my layout, that right-clicking on the selected text brought up a Pop-up window with just one entry for the string: Expositor's Bible Commentar.

In my case, the problem was not being able to identify which Notes document in the list was for the original version of Genesis vs the Revised version of Genesis. But even if I was adding notes to multiple volumes within a single series, I would not be able to identify the correct Notes document from the Pop-up window.  The character string displayed is just too short for identification purposes and there's no way (to my knowledge) to expand it.

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Graham Criddle | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Oct 17 2018 7:25 AM

If I understand you correctly, the problem you found was that the string showing the Notes Document name was truncated so you couldn't distinguish which was which.

Agreed that is a problem but I think it unlikely to be changed as Logos is moving towards a new Notes system.

In that model, when you add a note / highlight in a resource there is no need to specify a notebook (the equivalent of a Notes document) although if you have one selected the note / highlight will be placed in it.

What does happen, however, is that the resource within which the note / highlight is made is stored as an item of information and can be used as a filter. (The string used is the resource short name so - assuming those are different - you should be able to distinguish between them)

In the screenshot below I've created two notes in a couple of commentaries on 1 Peter

Clicking the NICNT filter - for example - gives me:

So - assuming the resource short names are different, and you can change these if required - then I think the new Notes system, when released, will give you what you are looking for automatically.

Does that make sense?

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Rick Ausdahl | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Oct 17 2018 10:28 AM

Thank you, Graham!

Yes, you understood correctly regarding the truncation.  That was the initial problem.  Compounding it though was the steps required to get the old entries removed and a single new (and correct) entry listed instead.

However, I expect you are also correct in thinking Faithlife won't do anything to address the problem since they are planning to implement a new notes system--hopefully in production soon.  I hadn't thought about that.

I also agree that based on the screenshots you provided, the identification problem is not likely to be an issue with the new system.

Thanks for the samples!

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