Erasmus Exemplar Question

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I do, however, despise church leaders who will not hire a good minister because he doesn’t use the KJVO or the ASV1901 for that matter.  I prefer the ASV1901 if I had to choose an older translation, but I prefer the NASB1977 or 1995, the NKJV and the NASB. 

You're on the same page as the OP's friend, who is against KJVO = "KJV Onlyism".

Yep, I’m just not “constantly at war” because of that. I even don’t waste my time with those who say “You must pray using Thee and Thou...” I got better things to do 👍😁👌


Complete misrepresentation.  KJVO’s do much damage to the body of Christ.  

It is the KJVO’s who initiate the trouble...w. rife misinformation that demands a factual rejoinder.

Carry on.  Thanks for the input anyway.

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