Logos 8 and screen readers

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Sarah Blake LaRose, D........Min. | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Mar 27 2019 9:51 AM

Hello. Recently I attempted to assist a new Logos user who purchased Logos 8. I have been a user of Logos since 2007 and have seen many variations on accessibility, or lack thereof. Logos 8 is disturbing, as the button to toggle the contents pane on and off is gone. The person was able to receive a refund after technical support staff apologized numerous times and told her that Logos was not accessible.

Users of screen readers have been posting in this forum for many years, asking for improvements in accessibility. We have been told over and over that improvements were coming "soon." I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on Logos products. I am a professor with a doctoral degree, and I recomment Logos to all of my Biblical language students.

What does it take for Logos to consider accessibility important to implement, or at least to maintain a bare minimum so that when someone buys a product for the first time I can teach them how to use it?

The ADA requires seminaries to provide accessible curriculum for their students. If Logos expects to be a part of seminary classrooms, it needs to be made accessible. If you had any idea the power that you held, the money that accessibility could bring in, you would invest in it instead of considering it an impossibility. Making Logos accessible would pay for itself ten times over with new customers who are waiting to be able to purchase resources we can use. I could list you names of 30 people who have turned away because Logos is not accessible. If that means nothing to you, look over my account and multiply it by 30. Does that loss mean something? Does the potential to affect a minimum of 30 lives with the ability to read and learn mean something to you? People who are sighted and choose not to purchase Logos go to their libraries and borrow the books. People who are blind simply wait until another accessible option comes along. Often it never comes. I can tell you that the day I found Libronix was the best day of my life! I tolerate Logos' lack of accessibility because I was already here and I am patient and stubborn in handling tech issues. I read some things on my IOS device. Often I am on a PC, working in the best way that I can. I would not be a language professor today without Logos. Does that mean enough to someone at Logos to be a champion for others who need this kind of empowerment?

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Graham Criddle | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Mar 27 2019 10:02 AM

Hi Sarah

I don't understand what changes would be required to make Logos accessible but I also don't understand what you say about the toggle for the contents pane

If I click the icon with three horizonal lines at the top left of a resource (outlined in red)

the table of contents panel opens

Are you referring to something else or am I missing your point?


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Since I can't see your screen shots, I can't accurately answer your questions. This is a good example of the problems in discussing screen reader accessibility. :) I suspect that the interface works normally for a sighted person but has been broken for users of screen readers, at least for users of JAWS. I myself have not upgraded. I have offered several times to assist Logos with testing and learning about accessibility. I have been told that they have tested Logos with JAWS and other screen readers. However, if a person who is a skilled user has not tested these features, we end up with situations like I have described. I am happy to install a test copy of Logos 8 and have someone remote into my system and talk with me about what is different. I cannot confidently upgrade from Logos 7 in this situation, which is highly disappointing.

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Roy | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Sep 8 2019 11:43 PM

Don't know that it helps but the LOGOS wiki says that Shift Command C will open the Table of Contents on a Mac. Control Shift C for Windows.


I also just realized that this is an older post so maybe it is a bit late... or not... 

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