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Eshinee Veith | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Mar 28 2019 12:25 PM

In Logos 7, any documents that I made that contained a scripture reference would show up in any searches for that scripture reference, such as in using the Exegetical Guide. That is no longer happening, now that my documents from before have been converted to Notes. The Notes no longer show up as "My Content", even if there is an Anchor in the Note that was generated when it was converted.

Is this a bug or is there some step I need to take to make these converted Notes show up in My Content again?

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Joe McCune (Faithlife) | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Mar 28 2019 1:03 PM


You are correct, this functionality was available in Logos 7.  It is already available in the Logos 8 Beta, and will be added to the "normal" version of Logos 8 in a future update.

You can join the Beta program today, if you wish.

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Levi Durfey | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Mar 28 2019 1:04 PM

Hi Eshinee, welcome to the forums.

In Logos 8, the notes system was completely rebuilt from the ground up. Faithlife did not get all the features from the old notes system added back before the release. They are, however, working hard to get many of the missing features added back in. What you are requesting is actually already back (in the Logos 8.4 betas). So it won't be long.

You can see a progress report and a list of planned features to be added back in on the bottom of this page: 

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Eshinee Veith | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Mar 28 2019 1:13 PM

Thanks for the clarification, Joe and Levi. Will keep an eye out for that update to happen.

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