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Edward Rangel | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, May 17 2019 10:23 AM

I am very disappointed with the lack of training videos Logos for users.  Logos is an expensive program and if I want to really learn how to use the program Logos offers paid training.  I think Logos should offer better training so that we can use all the features of Logos.  Here is a chat with a Logos representative about this issue:

Chat session started at 12:02:34 
We are currently receiving heavy traffic due to the release of Logos 8. This may lead to longer than usual wait times. Thank you for your patience - we can't wait to assist you! You are now chatting with Todd Todd:Hi Ed, thanks for reaching out today. How can I help you? Ed:Good afternoon. Which whom do I have the pleasure? Ed:With* Todd:My name is Todd, Ed, how are you? Ed:Hello Todd. Currently I have Logos Bible Software 8.4 SR-1, a rather expensive package. Ed:I enjoy Logos a lot. However, I have a common problem with Logos and that is not knowing exactly how to get complete use out of it. I know I can Google search and Youtube search for user made videos as well as some Logos made videos, but most are 3-5 minuets long. Todd:This page takes you to both videos and articles: Todd:Morris Proctor has some more advanced training; some free, some available on a subscription. Ed:Yes, I am familiar with that tech page. Those articles and videos are not too helpful. They simply help me get started but not advanced. Ed:Thanks. I don't think I am communicating my frustration properly. Todd:I'm sorry, Ed. Have you tried the training blog from my second link? Ed:For example, I received an email this morning about training for proper searching within Logos. Once I opened the email I found out it is indeed training but paid training. I don't know how to use the advanced search feature in Logos after several years of ownership and in order to learn how to use it I have to pay for it. Do you understand my frustration? Todd:This is another organization that has great training. Todd:I understand, Ed, I am sorry. Ed:This is the main reason why I have not even attempted to recommend Logos to my colleagues because I feel that Logos convinces users to invest $1000.00's for the base package and then bait dangles us with paid training to learn how to use the program. Ed:For example the last link you sent me are all paid training.  Todd:Have you used the new Workflows? Todd:They are helpful in learning how to use Logos better. Ed:Yes Ed:Ok. I am done. I understand that there are no options for me at this point. Ed:Thank you.


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GaoLu | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, May 17 2019 11:04 AM

Ed, I think have felt what you describe.  

Logos is a program with both simple and immensely complex capabilities. The simple part is of course simple, and what we would all like is to enjoy the immense capabilities with ease.  Logos didn't come to me that way.  I worked through all the free resources I could.  Over time I realized ever more what all Logos could do and tuned into specialized training tailored to what I wanted most in the time I had to learn.  

Both Morris Proctor at and John Fallahee at offer that.  A lot is available free. John Fallahee's regular ongoing training is free, just sign up at his website. Morris Procotor's training can be accessed very reasonably-priced--you just buy as much as you need and there is a LOT for the low price. You can also find great comprehensive tutorials at I have invested a few dollars in those but not a huge amount.  

I think that if you will explore those options--start with the free stuff first if you don't want to spend anything (I suggest spending a little) and you will soon be very glad you did.

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Kevin | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, May 17 2019 1:31 PM

Most things in Logos only do take a few minutes to do, hence the short videos that give and overview of what is possible.

Are you perhaps after more information on how you should study? If you know what you want to do, but not how to do it, then asking in the forum is good.

If you do not know what you should be doing then there are several good resources available on how to study, and how the tools in Logos makes that easier, along with training courses such as and the new workflows, and the resources both Todd and GaoLu have mentioned.

Everyone will have there own methods, and goals from study, and will use the tools differently for different outcomes.

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Fred Chapman | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, May 17 2019 1:39 PM

The video course Kevin suggested may be helpful. I would also encourage you to review what is available here

and here

The forums are also a great place to come and ask specific questions regarding tools and features.

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