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Edward Rangel | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, May 17 2019 10:23 AM

I am very disappointed with the lack of training videos Logos for users.  Logos is an expensive program and if I want to really learn how to use the program Logos offers paid training.  I think Logos should offer better training so that we can use all the features of Logos.  Here is a chat with a Logos representative about this issue:

Chat session started at 12:02:34 
We are currently receiving heavy traffic due to the release of Logos 8. This may lead to longer than usual wait times. Thank you for your patience - we can't wait to assist you! You are now chatting with Todd Todd:Hi Ed, thanks for reaching out today. How can I help you? Ed:Good afternoon. Which whom do I have the pleasure? Ed:With* Todd:My name is Todd, Ed, how are you? Ed:Hello Todd. Currently I have Logos Bible Software 8.4 SR-1, a rather expensive package. Ed:I enjoy Logos a lot. However, I have a common problem with Logos and that is not knowing exactly how to get complete use out of it. I know I can Google search and Youtube search for user made videos as well as some Logos made videos, but most are 3-5 minuets long. Todd:This page takes you to both videos and articles: Todd:Morris Proctor has some more advanced training; some free, some available on a subscription. Ed:Yes, I am familiar with that tech page. Those articles and videos are not too helpful. They simply help me get started but not advanced. Ed:Thanks. I don't think I am communicating my frustration properly. Todd:I'm sorry, Ed. Have you tried the training blog from my second link? Ed:For example, I received an email this morning about training for proper searching within Logos. Once I opened the email I found out it is indeed training but paid training. I don't know how to use the advanced search feature in Logos after several years of ownership and in order to learn how to use it I have to pay for it. Do you understand my frustration? Todd:This is another organization that has great training. Todd:I understand, Ed, I am sorry. Ed:This is the main reason why I have not even attempted to recommend Logos to my colleagues because I feel that Logos convinces users to invest $1000.00's for the base package and then bait dangles us with paid training to learn how to use the program. Ed:For example the last link you sent me are all paid training.  Todd:Have you used the new Workflows? Todd:They are helpful in learning how to use Logos better. Ed:Yes Ed:Ok. I am done. I understand that there are no options for me at this point. Ed:Thank you.


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