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John Kaess | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Jul 30 2019 5:02 PM

Well, i wrote 4 paragraphs for this post, and then the website wouldn't upload the post. I'll try it one more time:

I've been using Logos since the late 90's. When Logos 3 came out (Libronix) i went to a two day Camp Logos i think in 2003. It helped me a great deal in making good use of the program. Since then i've used Logos as my regular tool for Bible Study and lesson preparation (i've taught Adult CE classes in my church for about 35 years). However, when Logo 8 came out, i found myself using it less and less. There were a LOT of changes and new features, and frankly, it overwhelmed me.

When Morris Proctor announced a few months ago that he would have online access to Camp Logos via a Webinar, i signed up. The event was last week for three and a half days. Mo's teaching was so practical and hands on about how to actually do things using logos, instead of just teaching how Logos works, that every day i came away more and more dazzled, not only with Mo's ability to teach and demonstrate practical uses, but also with how very deep and powerful Logos 8 had become and how much of it i wasn't making use of.

If i had one single piece of advice to give to anyone who purchases or upgrades to Logos 8, it would be to sign up for Morris Proctor's online courses, which includes last week's Camp Logos. The link is:

Today i took his free webinar on Logos 8 Timesaving Tips and Tricks 2 and that pushed me over the edge and i signed up for a subscription to his online courses. There is a monthly or yearly choice. Try it for a month and use one or two of the courses. I highly recommend the Camp Logos from Atlanta as a great starting place. There are many other courses which go deeper into specific areas of the program.


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