Birthday Credit?

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Jan Krohn | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Sep 12 2019 5:56 AM

There was an explanation in the German forum recently. If you're subscribed to the German mailings, then you receive the birthday email in German, and not in English.

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Daniel Bender | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Sep 12 2019 2:31 PM

JT (alabama24):

Daniel Bender:
I did not get mine this year

No, you DID get yours, it was just in German! Stick out tongue

Daniel Bender:
not sure why mine came in German.

Do you speak German? Buy German resources? At some point FL gave you the "German Language Attribute" on your account. Have your examined your profile carefully? 

Probably not related, but sometimes you can get websites to switch over to another language by an errant "click" and then every time you visit the site all the pages direct you to (in my case) Spanish links. When that happens, hopefully you know enough about the language and website to go back to English! Smile

Yes, you are correct; I did get mine. I may have accidentally gone to a German language site, just don't recall. My BDay credit last year was in English. My great grandparents migrated to the US from Germany and I had interest in learning the language when I was much younger. Didn't keep up with it though.

Thanks JT (and Jan) for the suggested reasons.

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