SUGGESTION(S): Update pericope comparison/ Bible outline browser

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Sep 18 2019 4:19 PM

Issue 1: I often forget I have a pericope comparison tool, even though it often would be the best solution for my task:

Please list Compare Pericopes, Word Tree, Morph River, Cluster Graph, and Version River separately on the Tools menu, even if you keep the tool itself combined. The current method ensures they are underutilized.

Issue 2: I get annoyed when the data behind a tool is not up-to-date ... it means I don't know whether or not it is worth going to the tool. If I don't, your statistics mistakenly show a lower usage rate than is actually intended by your users.

The last time I checked there were at least seven Bibles with pericopes that were not available in the tool: Biblia de Jerusalen Latinoamericana, Common English Bible, The Five Books of Moses, The Good News Translation, La Biblia del Siglo de Oro, The NET Bible, and Sagrada Biblia.

In addition, pericopes also apply to lectionaries and many commentaries. I have no reason to believe that FL is interested in maintaining these datasets. Therefore, would you please expand the tool to permit user files as a source of data?

Issue 3: The same issue of incomplete data exists in the Bible Outline Browser of which I was a strong proponent before it's creation.

Please create a means for users to add the outlines they find most useful to the data ... or commit to adding data at a steady pace based on user requests. In short, allow me to leverage my resources in the tools you provide to obtain the best results from my studies.

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