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Chrisser | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Dec 8 2019 6:22 AM

Economic Equality among Nations: A Christian Concern? is an essay mentioned among 45 essays.

I can't justify buying this new book because I've got to prioritize more important things. I'm only looking for a single essay. Is it possible to read this for free? It's not important enough for me to buy a whole book which would limit my ability to purchase something more important for my research. I have some things to read which is related to economics already. Please DON'T do anything like gift it to me. The community here is very kind, welcoming, and helpful with good advice. 

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DIsciple II | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Dec 8 2019 10:36 AM

The article is in the Christianity Today archive but you need to be a subscriber. 

You can read this article for free, it might refer to some of what Stott talks about in relation to this topic as it came up as a search result when I googled the article you were interested in reading.


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Brad | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Dec 8 2019 10:52 AM

Good Point, Disciple.  Chrisser, if you have CT Volume 24 in your Logos library you can access it there, too.  (Volume 24 is also included in some larger collections from Logos.) 

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Chrisser | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Dec 8 2019 1:52 PM

Thanks Disciple II

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