Issues with Formatting of Copy/Paste Function

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J. Remington Bowling | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Dec 12 2019 7:04 AM

First, let me describe the behavior I have in mind. When copying from a source within Logos (e.g., a commentary) and pasting the copied text into a Logos Notes file (e.g., attached to a Bible text) the text is automatically formatted in certain ways.

Here's a picture of what I have in mind:

My question is what determines the formatting of pasted text from a resource to a note within Logos?

I ask because I notice that I have older notes that were copy/paste that are formatted different, and I didn't mess with the formatting myself. For instance, I have a note created earlier in this year (2019) where the body text is pt. 11 instead of pt. 12. This isn't determined by the scaling of the resource one is copying from, since I've tested that and it remains the same whether I scale up or down.

So I'm guessing that on the programming end Faithlife has been tweaking the format settings for the copy/paste function? If so, then my first thought is "Please stop" because it's annoying to have differently formatted text within my notes. I have to go in and make my old notes match my new ones or vice versa.

But I realize that sometimes the developers may have a good reason for changing the default format settings, so rather than "stop it" I'd like to suggest that users be able to create their own format profile and that profile stay active regardless of how Faithlife tweaks the default profile in the future.

Allow copy/paste profiles within Notes to customize body text size, body footnote text size (it seems inelegant or at least unusual to have superscript text that is the same size as the main body text), footnote text size, line breaks between footnote text and body text, indentation, etc. 

This would allow users to save thirty seconds to a minute with the creation of each note that has copy/paste content. When users may have upwards of five hundred to a thousand notes with copy/paste content, that adds up to saving the user between 8 and 16 hours simply adjusting formatting. Granted, writing the code for such functionality may take 3x the amount of time saved for the user... but you guys are getting paid for those hours while many users aren't getting paid during the hours they might spend reformatting their notes.

Of course, if the user already has this ability then thanks! How do I do it? Big Smile

(P.S. Would be nice also if footnote tags weren't doubled up when copying/pasting within Notes (cf. the "11 11" in the picture above), though I'm guessing this oddity has something to do with the program functionality of making a footnote a footnote within a Word document?)

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