MS Word Macro to Batch Convert PDFs to Docx

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Robert M. Warren | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Sep 27 2020 12:27 PM

In this thread a Wordsearch user indicates that PDFs could serve as 'personal books' in WS. The poster had specific issues with some docx files converted from PDFs. I can't add to the number of replies offering suggestions regarding Logos personal books compiling problems.

However, since there might be WS users with numerous PDFs they would like to convert to docx, I can offer a Word .docm file that contains a macro to batch convert as many PDFs one has in a single folder. The Dropbox link is below. It should work with Word 2013 and higher, but I have used it only in Word 365 for the last couple of years. I hope this relieves some from the initial tedium of converting a large number of files.

Dropbox link for Word PDF Converter

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