Indexing problem/solution and Caffeine vs. Insomniax

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Mark Davis | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Jul 8 2010 8:51 AM

Each time a new Alpha comes out that requires reindexing, or there is a content update (like that last 2GB one), it takes forever to reindex on my Mac.  I know that this problem is listed in the known problems, however the solution does not always work for me.  First of all, I have had multiple times when indexing just plain never stops on its own no matter how long I leave my Mac running.  I have found that if I either log out and log back in, or shut down and restart my Mac, the indexing icon's message changes to "downloading ..." and then eventually changes back to "indexing ...".  Once I have logged out and back in enough times that I no longer get a "downloading..." message, then indexing seems to really be indexing.  At that point, it indeed does take a long time (multiple hours) to index.  However, the recommended solution, Caffeine, to keep the Mac from going to sleep does not work consistently for me.  I have found that Insomniax seems to work more reliably on my Mac (which is running Snow Leopard).  I have not yet had to do a "rebuild index" or a "rebuild bible index" command since using this "formula".  I hope this makes sense and is helpful to some other folks.

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