New Factbook Button - Automatically populates with last entry.

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Kevin | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Nov 20 2020 2:50 AM

Rosie asking about a Factbook shortcut has started a discussion that has mentioned the new beta Factbook icon.

Currently the new button opens a new Factbook window, and then populates with whatever the last opened one was, even if that search is already open.

Some people, especially those on slower computers, may prefer that on clicking the button opens a blank Factbook, with the cursor in the search box.

Others may want a currently open Factbook to be brought to front rather than a new instance, although it is probably just as easy to click the actual open Factbook to do that.

I think I would prefer a new blank Factbook, with the cursor positioned in the search box, in the same panel as any currently open one.

Any opinions?

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Paul Meathrel | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Nov 20 2020 3:11 AM

FWIW this is already being discussed over here:

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Kevin | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Nov 20 2020 3:50 AM

That is about a general shortcut, either from Tools, or from a shortcut on the shortcut bar, which I did link to already, not the beta new button.

I think beta discussions better for the beta forum, which I why I said in that thread I will post about it here.

Having said that, the new button is a shortcut also, so whatever discussed there will apply.

It will may end up as a Feedback suggestion once live.

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I responded on the other thread. The new toolbar button should replicate the behavior of the item in the tools menu, so if a blank state is implemented, it will show up for both places.

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