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Pastor Rodney | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Nov 22 2020 9:01 PM

Fellow Forum Readers/Admins/Leaders

I've seen request for OSB Font size adjustment options in the forum all the way back to 2014.

Does this info ever get passed to the development team? (for the last 6yrs)

This is something that is necessary, many people simply don't use the On Screen Bible feature due to the font size.

In the area of "would love to have" - how about the ability to emphasis on the text in the OSB as well.

I think most folks simply build their slide in "bible" vs. "On Screen Bible" due to those issues.

Thoughts?  Comments?

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Gregory Lawhorn | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Nov 23 2020 5:49 AM

I agree that there should be some formatting options in On Screen Bible. I personally don't use it because I don't want my congregation distracted by animations during a sermon. Projecting the Bible text is not entertainment but a utility to let everyone see the same words I'm preaching, regardless of their particular translation. Much of the time I only project the reference for those who want to take notes. 

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Mike Binks | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Nov 23 2020 8:58 AM

Pastor Rodney:
I think most folks simply build their slide in "bible" vs. "On Screen Bible" due to those issues.

Not me. I use the OSB exclusively for the Scripture Readings in the service where the constant format I think eliminates distractions - folk know what to expect. Our loop system is pretty good but some folk still have difficulty making out the spoken words. Having the readings visible reinforces what they are hearing and allows those with really impaired hearing to be included.

I have never had a complaint about the size of the text whether from the time we used a projector, or when we displayed it on LCD panels in the sanctuary or even now when folk on the Zoom service are using everything from a TV to an iPhone to read it.

For preaching when I want to highlight a single verse, or sentence,  I either use the Bible facility or (if I want to really jazz it up with highlights) a 'Content' screen.

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