Verbum Tip 4bd: Facet: Propositional outlines/Semantic features

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Facet: Propositional Outlines/Semantic features

From Verbum Help:

These Semantic Feature labels ship as part of the Propositional Outlines (Old and New Testament) datasets. They are used to reformat the Bible text into a propositional outline using the Propositional Outline visual filter.

•    Category ~ <PropositionalOutline ...> — Is the name of the kind of proposition.[1]







  • {Section <PropositionalOutline = Elaboration>}

 New data provided by the label

Not a label. However, despite the overlap with Discourse analysis and High Definition analysis, this coding is all new.


Propositional Outlines has a built in filter which is simply toggled on or off.

  • Open Bible that has a reverse-interlinear
  • Open Visual Filters (1)
  • Select Resource (first set of filters)
  • Select propositional outlines (2)

Vocabulary cards


Bible Browser

Note that the Bible Browser switches to the Propositional Outline format when a term from that facet is chosen. Also note that the third search term is not highlighted in the results. “Came” and “settled” are highlighted for the implied subject of Abraham.

Faithlife Assistant

Not implemented


None, although the build-in filter reformats the text.

Information Tool

In the Information tool, the Propositional Outline entry is labeled “Semantic feature.”

Context Menu

In the Context Menu, the Propositional Outline entry is labeled “Propositional Outline”.


Not a label so not applicable.


Verbum Help has yet to be corrected from its erroneous claim that Propositional Outlines cannot yet be searched. (Yes, I am annoyed with the lack of QA on the last update of Help including errors previously reported and uncorrected.)

[1] Verbum Help (Bellingham, WA: Faithlife, 2018).

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