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(Non)Facet: Syllable

This is an example of a type of tagging that we must be cautious in our reaction to. Many users are quick to label it fluff and complain about Faithlife wasting time on it. They forget that the fact they will never use it doesn’t determine its value. It may be essential to another person’s work – and often one benefits from that work without being aware of it. Please support the features for those doing text criticism or linguistic analysis or . . .





  • {Label Syllable WHERE Grapheme = name AND Position = number AND Count = number} – this applies to each individual syllable
  • {Label Syllable WHERE Graphemes = name AND Count = number} – this breaks the word into syllables

 New data provided by the label

  • {Label Syllable WHERE Graphemes = name}
  • {Label Syllable WHERE Grapheme = name}
  • {Label Syllable WHERE Position = number}
  • {Label Syllable WHERE Count = number}



Vocabulary cards


Bible Browser

Not implemented

Faithlife Assistant

Not implemented



Information Tool

The Information tool makes clear that there are two types of labels associated with Syllables:

  1. The first type takes a word, divides it into its syllables (graphemes), and gives the count of syllables in the word.
  2. The second type takes a syllable, gives its position among the syllables, and provides the total number of syllables.

Context Menu

The Context Menu also shows the two types of entry. There is no Look up function as there is no glossary for this data.


It is important to note:

  • That the graphemes are shown without accents
  • That when a Greek word is left untranslated, it may appear that the English multiple counts on a single word. In the example, John is both 1 syllable and 4 syllables on the same occurrence of the word.


Searches generated from the Context Menu – the word split into syllables on the left, the third syllable on the right.

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