Crash: Opening a second Bible with several other resources already open

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Michael Kares | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Nov 18 2010 1:32 PM | Locked

Hey Devs,


I actually have two test cases for this crash.  One resulted in a program hang and the other in a crash.

I don't have specific steps to reproduce the crash, but in both cases several other (3-5) resources were open.  The crash was triggered by attempting to open a second Bible.  The first time I tried opening The New Testament Text based on the Byzantine Textform while the NKJV was open, and the program hung.  After restarting and working awhile, I tried opening the NKJV while the Byzantine text was open.  App crashed immediately.

The Hang archive contains Logos Log and process sample: 8284.Hang

The Crash archive contains Logos Log and Crash report: 7215.Crash

Hope these help

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