Some Brill series that look really interesting

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I started out listing the individual books, but I ended up finding far too many, so you'll have to follow the links and look for yourselves:

• Jewish and Christian Perspectives Series

Especially number 15, Jewish and Christian Liturgy and Worship. New Insights into its History and Interaction,, which sounds incredibly interesting to someone like me (and MJ I would imagine)! If it wasn't so outrageously expensive I'd order it today. I guess I'll have to let the library do it for me.

Also lots of other interesting titles like Jesus’ Last Week, Essays on Halakhah in the New TestamentIconoclasm and IconoclashSaints and Role Models in Judaism and ChristianityJustin Martyr and the Jews, and Sanctity of Time and Space in Tradition and Modernity.

• Compendia Rerum Iudaicarum ad Novum Testamentum

Especially the volumes on Jewish Traditions in Early Christian Literature, and The Mystery of God: Early Jewish Mysticism and the New Testament.

Vigiliae Christianae, Supplements. Texts and Studies of Early Christian Life and Language,

• Brill's Companions to the Christian Tradition. A series of handbooks and reference works on the intellectual and religious life of Europe, 500-1800

• The Bible in Ancient Christianity

• The Brill Reference Library of Judaism

Includes quite a few Neusner titles, among other things. (And how about this one: Sparks of the Logos Big Smile)

• Commentaria. Sacred Texts and Their Commentaries: Jewish, Christian and Islamic

•  Some individual titles from other Brill series that caught my eye while I looked around:

  • Calendar, Chronology and Worship. Studies in Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity. Roger T. Beckwith
  • The Classic Jewish Philosophers. Eliezer Schweid. Translated by Leonard Levin
  • The New Testament and Rabbinic Literature. Edited by Reimund Bieringer, Florentino García Martínez, Didier Pollefeyt & Peter J. Tomson
  • The Antecedents of Antichrist. L.J. Lietaert Peerbolte
  • Jesus Reads Scripture. The Function of Jesus' Use of Scripture in the Synoptic Gospels. Emerson B. Powery
  • Friars and Jews in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Edited by Steven J. McMichael and Susan E. Myers

(Now Logos just needs to get a killer deal with Brill, and I need to win the lottery... )





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Volume 26 also looks great, by Randall Buth and the Jerusalem School of Synoptic Research
The Language Environment of First Century Judaea Jerusalem, 2014.

Or volume 30 by Walter Homolka
Jewish Jesus Research and its Challenge to Christology Today, 2019

Any chance we could see this series in Logos? Pretty please!

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