BibliaLS and Unicode Hebrew transliteration characters

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Jack Collins | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Mar 17 2011 3:27 AM

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I have discovered an interesting...quirk in the Unicode encoding of transliterated Hebrew in Logos resources. The Hebrew letter aleph is rendered as the Unicode character U+02D2 (“Modifier Letter Centered Right Half Ring”), and ayin is rendered as U+02D3 (“Modifier Letter Centered Left Half Ring”). The standard transliteration characters are U+02BE (“Modifier Letter Right Half Ring”) and U+02BF (“Modifier Letter Right Half Ring”), respectively.

The text looks OK if I am using the BibliaLS font, since its “centered” versions of the half-rings are actually raised like the regular versions. However, if I use any font other than BibliaLS, all the alephs and ayins appear too low relative to the other letters, or produce an empty box because the “centered” half-ring characters aren’t in most fonts.

Examples (I hope the fonts carry over):

Biblia LS: ˓Aśa˒el

Times New Roman: ˓Aśa˒el

 This isn’t a problem in Logos, since I can stick with BibliaLS, but it is troublesome if I copy the text into another program.

 (This isn't related to the transliteration settings in Logos 4; this is for transliterated text within the text of resources like the Anchor Bible Dictionary and the BDB.)


Jack Collins






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