Right click menu should include "create a new note"

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Ross Durham | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Apr 13 2011 9:09 AM

I find myself often wanting to create a new note entry (in a new note file) as I am reading.  Particularly, this is for a new subject that I have do not already have a note file for.  Given that this is a natural part of reading (which Logos is why Logos exists), the procedure is quite cumbersome.  I highlight what I want for the note, but then I have to go to File and Create a New Note, and then return to the text, right click and Add it to the new note.  The actual experience that people go through in reading, reflecting and desiring to write should drive the software's flow.  So the option to create a new Note File should be present in the Right click menu so that all one needs to do is highlight, right click, select new note and start writing reflections.  


As I think more about this, additionally, since only two or so Note File are kept on the Right click menu, the option to open a Note File too should be available from the Right click menu.  But this may require more review that the above, which to me seems a no-brainer.


Conforming Logos more to what happens in the reading/studying process (instead of the reverse) will only include usability and thus market share and your profit.

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Apr 13 2011 12:13 PM

 Go to http://logos.uservoice.com/forums/42823-logos-bible-software-4/suggestions/1619077-rework-notes-function-in-one-or-multiple-phases?ref=title

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