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DMB | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Jul 15 2011 5:01 PM

About 5 years, I bought a Bible software product called 'Libronix'. At the time, it was the only software that would do what I needed on a Windows platform. Recently I noticed and then got a new Bible software offering called 'Logos4' (probably a take-off 'Logos for Bible study or something).

Anyway I went ahead and tried the new software a little over a year, and decided that now's a good time to really see whether Libronix has REAL competition. Let's take a hard look.

CATEGORY: Cool-ity
Libronix used a red format (conservative), though you could change the screen colors with wild abandon. It used the windows within a larger window concept, and so could have little windows all over the place, covering up even more windows. It was wild. When things got boring, there were icons galore: truly a platform for the independent mind.
Logos4 uses a blue format (liberal) with a highy controlled environment, using tabs, subwindows and floating windows. You get a choice of grey or the new choice: grey-ish. Icons are more tightly controlled, with a neat little row at the top and NO 'zoom' magnifying glasses or other garish images.
Winner: Logos4. It's clearly more-cool. It even enforces coolness, ratcheting down those artistic Bible study-ers so they can concentrate (on the software).

CATEGORY: Speediferous
Libronix is not only fast. In a workspace setup, sub-windows a flying around the main window so fast, the operating system can't even keep them lined up. Now THAT is fast. You can scroll so fast you're into the New Testament, after moving out of Exodus. If you have a screen or pad that supports scrolling, speed-reading is a must.
Logos4 is much more placid but careful as well. Touching the scroll bar first merits a timeless thought by the scrollbar, and then a solid movement. It's clear a watch-maker designed it, since the movement is so precise, each connected tab updating in sequence and just like a watch, after about 60 seconds, a new view becomes available.
Winner: Logos4. The Libronix whiz-kid can do more damage before you even know you accidentally hit the page key.

CATEGORY: Search-arama
Libronix offered every kind of search that programmers on Planet Earth could even think about. When they ran out of 'normal' searches, they came up with 'Fuzzy' searches. 'Fun' was what it was. Forms to fill out and even more sections of forms. If you liked searching, Libronix was search-heaven. As long as your library wasn't too big.
Logos4 offers a single magnifying glass (not for zooming). Litttle drop-down menus replace the happy-go-lucky forms (unless you're one of those syntax'y people). And it seems to be fast. Well, REALLY fast. In fact, it's so fast, it can come up with more results than you can use in a single lifetime. But it IS fast. None of this 'fuzzy' stuff too.
Winner: Logos4. When you want search results, you want LOTS of search results.

CATEGORY: Note-ability
Libronix seemed to have been designed for a Bible-study-er that just couldn't take enough notes. If the verse was three lines long, the note had to be a least 3 PAGES long. Tables, inserts, and more. Notes were like little word processers pasted all over your library. And when you got tired of notes, you could even bring in your sermons. And OTHER pastors' sermons.
Logos4 took a different route. It wisely noticed that most people can't write a WHOLE lot in the margin of their Bibles. And that seemed to have worked for almost 500 years now. So Logos4 notes are TRUE notes. They force you really think about what's worth noting. And due to the cool-ity of the user interface (see above), typing notes is slow and proper, and not letting you get too wild with comments that you really should NOT be writing down.
Winner: Logos4. Word processors are for books; 'notes' are for Bibles. Let's honor our forefathers here.

Logos4 hands down! The cool-ity factor is just beyond cool. It forces you to do your Bible study carefully and patiently. It's well organized, strongly suggesting something good for your mind. Its searches are searches you can't even imagine searching. And of course, best of all, it encourages you to READ the Bible ... not spend so much time writing stuff or highlighting stuff or whatever you're doing there stuff.

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Jul 15 2011 6:16 PM


However, I do disagree with:

It wisely noticed that most people can't write a WHOLE lot in the margin of their Bibles.

in that I have never written in a Bible except for my name on the front page. However, I can get verrrrrrrrrrrrry long post-its.

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David Knoll | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Jul 15 2011 6:22 PM

LOL! Big Smile

You should write for SNL!

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Tim Lord | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Jul 15 2011 6:35 PM

Very funny.

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