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Tom Geswein | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Nov 9 2009 8:57 AM

Here's just a few things that I would like to see addressed.  I thought others might add some things as well.  Most issues are very minor, just little peaves of mine.  Don't get the idea that I am complaining - I love L4!

1.  Locally controlled background color.  (Already addressed in another post.)

2. Selected window in L4 should be more noticeable.  The shadowing is hard to see.  (Already addressed in another post.)

3. Table of contents.  Whenever the table of contents is opened, the chapter where you currently are located is always highlighted at the very bottom.  (Navigating further in the resource requires arrowing down the list.)  It would be nice to have your currently location show up in the middle of the TOC list, so you could more easily navigate either direction, with the click of the mouse.  Minor suggestion, but would be useful.

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