Best Practices for Highlight Palettes and Notes in 4.5?

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Mike S. | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Jan 23 2012 2:03 PM | Locked

With the fundamental structural changes in Highlighting and its linkage to Notes, I'm not clear as to how I should be breaking things up: should I have a highlighting palette for each book of the bible? Should I combine that with my Notes file on Philippians?

Primary Concern: Performance of Highlighting and Notes

Secondary Concern: How difficult to find & choose the right highlighting palette (esp for visual filters!) if they're broken up/duplicated many times over!

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LaRosa Johnson | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Jan 23 2012 2:12 PM | Locked

Before, I basically highlighted as I needed & kept a separate note file for whatever I was studying at the time. For example, in studying a Systematic Theology volume, I have a note for each major section; or, a note for each chapter as I study verse-by-verse through a book of the Bible.

Now that highlights are notes, this is how I'm approaching things. I've moved all of my Bible highlights to a specific note file (i.e. NASB Highlights), and I'm now also creating a note file for all of my "verse-by-verse study highlights" (i.e. Study Highlights - 1 Thessalonians), that way I can markup a Bible as I need to & turn it on/off without affecting my regular reading & memory verse highlights. I'm also doing this for any specific study that I'm doing, such as reading a Systematic Theology or any other book in Logos. Even though it's more cumbersome to add these highlights via the right-click menu (instead of my shortcuts), I think it'll keep me better organized.

As for any other highlights (i.e. highlighting a paragraph in a dictionary), I'm just letting those go to the default palette note file for now. Although, I am toying with the idea of adding those highlights to the verse-by-verse highlights file if they are a part of that study.

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Keep Smiling 4 Jesus :) | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Jan 23 2012 4:28 PM | Locked

Logos offers some thoughts about highlighting and note usage =>

If plan to share your notes with other users, whole note file(s) are shared.

Edit: in Logos 4.5 every highlight is a by reference note that can use any highlighting style in any palette.  By default, highlighting creates a note file using palette.  Can select word(s), then use right click to add selection to any open note file.

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