Dead end for early L4 Mac adopters

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Donovan R. Palmer | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Nov 11 2009 1:42 AM

I gave L4 Mac Alpha a go. It is Alpha with a "capital A". It won't run even as a basic ebook reader, after 14 hours of indexing. OK, this is not a surprise as it is alpha software. I don't mind this and look forward to Alpha 3 coming out and joining the test efforts!

This does create a dead end for early Mac adopters though who use only the Mac version of Logos software. If the Alpha software doesn't run for you and you can't run or don't have access to a virtual machine to run L4 for Windows, you in essence have no current way to access the new resources that you bought with your upgrade. The reason for this is that L4 creates a new resource directory. This was not clear to me when I upgraded. So, some of the new cool resources that you get when you upgrade are not available to read or access with the last stable Mac version 1.2.2

So what are the options for Mac only users?

  • Logos could make an unlock and download link so that the new resources are downloaded into the 1.2.2 directory. This would give Logos Mac only users the ability to use new resources immediately while L4 Mac starts to mature.
  • Logos could make it a priority to make the current Alpha version at least function as a basic ebook reader. I am certain this is not as easy as it sounds, otherwise it would already be done. The programme obviously will always be more than just an ebook reader.

I would suggest that regardless of which route Logos chooses, that they inform early Mac only adopters of these challenges at the time of purchase. Without such knowledge, some may choose to wait if they realise that they cannot access their new resources from 1.2.2

In closing, let me say that the Gold to Platinum upgrade is of STUNNING value. Baker Exegetical and Pillar Commentaries alone made this upgrade worth it. I continue to be amazed at the value of Logos Bible Software. I look forward to participating in making both the Mac and Windows clients a success.  Bob, Dan and the team have outdone themselves again!




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