French catechism of the catholic church : free file available... maybe

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Miguel Morin | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Apr 19 2012 6:59 PM


Being a French (from Québec in Canada) catholic, I made for myself a docx file to integrate the catechism of the catholic church in french in Logos. I have made all majors divisions (parts, chapters and sections) and I modified all the bible reference because Logos was not able to recognize them because in French Jn 3:16 is Jn 3, 16.

I took me a few hours to search and replace all the bible references. I think my French friends here have better things to do, like study the Bible than to search and replace for hours in a document. So I would like to share my docx file here, but I have some questions to make sure that I don’t violate any rules.

I think I have the right to share the catechism because it is already available free online. For the Logos part, I know that they sell a copy of it in English. I did found any plan to make a French version yet. It is okay with Logos of I share my copy here? A response from Logos will be appreciated on this point.

If the answer is yes, I will be glad to share my document with you. I am still improving it, but it is now much better that what you get if you just run it through without modifications. Just the Bible reference is really a pain to do... But now, I get the reference when I look for a bible passage. This tool is so cool !


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fgh | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Apr 20 2012 6:26 AM

Miguel Morin:
I think I have the right to share the catechism because it is already available free online.

It's a kind thought, and I'd love to have it, but, no, you do not, I'm afraid. It is very much under copyright. You would need permission from both the copyright holder for the original, Latin, text, and the copyright holder for the French translation. They have the right to share it any way they like (e g online); you do not. You can only legally share a modern, copyrighted, text you find online if it includes an explicit permission to do so (or if you write them and get one).

Btw, tagging (or changing) Bible references shouldn't take "hours". You are probably not working in the most effective way. 

Oh, and by "changing" the Bible references instead of tagging them, you also modified the text, which would probably require yet another specific permission from the copyright holder.

Sorry to disappoint you.

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