Suggestion: Additional Editorial Properties for Clippings

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Caleb S. | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Apr 20 2012 4:09 PM

I would like to make a suggestion for the Clippings Feature in Logos 4. I love the fact that any book that I own in Logos I can create something similar to notecards with the quotes that I want and it automatically creates a bibliography for me. HOWEVER, there are numerous books that I will (inevitably) have to use that Logos STILL does not have but that I NEED for an essay, sermon prep, research for a scholarly paper/journal/book, etc. and I would like to be able to create an electronic notecard for said resource within Logos (since it would be faster to type it up and create a bibliography within Logos and then copy and paste, than to hand write it and then type up every word). Currently, there is no way I can create a Clipping from scratch. I cannot type up what I want into a New Clipping without getting the information out of a Logos e-book. And I cannot edit the title. Nor can I edit the Bibliography (the Bibliography and the copy and paste for most citation formates [such as SBL Handbook of Style, and other] are incorrect. I have to re-edit the Bibliography after I copy and paste it).

I would also like to see added to Clippings page numbers. When I copy and paste to the Clippings and then from the Clippings to my paper, etc., there are NO page numbers. So I have to go back to the original resource and find the page number. If I copy from a single page, I would like to see that as part of the Citation for footnotes. Please add these suggestions.

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