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Philana Crouch | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, May 28 2012 9:25 AM

Chris Adam:

Hey Bob

Love the way this is headed... looks like you got something very special and powerful here.

I have a request about all this.. (oh and thank you by the way for the coupon code and reduced prices on bibles through it).. Would it be possible when you click on a verse that you have an option of posting that verse refrence into the comment in the faithlife social section?

I would like to get my family on this program (and my church too) for bible studies throughout the week and it would be great if an option to make a study note to my own private group (or public) that linked to the verse.


so the verse itself in the bible portion would have some kind of icon like a little social photo (maybe even a tiny avatar of me) (or just a simple default silhouette of a contact) as an indicator that there is a community note on this verse. (possibly only available in the private group idea as it would get crazy in the general commentary of worldwide users.) (maybe even some kind of little tag)

The person in the private group (once again this is my family or church or those enrolled into a certain bible study) would see that the verse has a private note on it for the group. and click on that, it would roll the screen to the right how you guys have it now, and they can read that note and interact with my notes, plus others who have read it and want to respond.

The note itself would have the link in reference (saying "Psalm 24:10 The Lord is good.." as an example) and then following would be my notes, and then of course anyone elses.

Each bible reference note would be contained in its own social grouping window section, this way you do not have 2000 lines of text from all the notes from me, but you will only see the notes and community conversation regarding that specific verse reference at a time.

Im telling you right now if you did this, bible studying would be an incredible experience as my classes could read these pages, interact, and study BEFORE coming to the classes which rarely they do... 

I am a bible teacher and also an entrepreneur and I know a good thing when I see it, this is it!!!

I know you have so much to do, please consider my request or some semblance of it as soon as you can, I can see god receiving the glory in this my friends.


Thank you for your hard work.


Hi Chris,

Welcome to the forums!

I think there is a way to accomplish what you want. Below is what I did to share a community note.

On Faithlife beta I shared a Scripture using the Faithlife Study Bible app alerting people that I created a community note on John 3:16 the verse was hyperlinked and only shared with Faithlife beta. If within the app you click on the verse or the link below it will take you to that reference in your Bible, there they can see and comment on the notes. To see this you will need to join the Faithlife beta group on Faithlife, anyone can join. Hope this helps!

Blessings in Christ,


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Chris Adam | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, May 28 2012 9:26 AM


I got it...


swipe up and there ya go.

thank you for the help.. Ill play with this and see if it would work to create a bible study help as is.


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Jonathan Mackwell | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, May 29 2012 5:11 AM

Hi All,

Sounds exciting and useful - one question… will it remain free once it's live?


In Christ,


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JT (alabama24) | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, May 29 2012 5:46 AM

one question… will it remain free once it's live?

Currently, the coupon code is good for more than a year. It looks like it may be a paid service at some point.

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Philana Crouch | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, May 29 2012 6:25 AM

I believe Faithlife will be continue to be free, but the content of the Faithlife Study Bible (Study Notes, Videos, Photos, Infographics, and Lexham Bible Dictionary) will be a subscription for a yearly fee.

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