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Chris Daigle | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Oct 4 2012 9:57 PM

I think it could benefit users to be able to set phone notifications with Logos to remind them to stick with their reading plan, and letting them know what their reading is for that current day maybe even a button that says 'Read Now' and 'Ignore'. One step further would be to allow the user to set what time of day the notification happened.

I know that I could benefit from this greatly, and I'm sure it could help many others to stick with the plans that they set for themselves. Just a thought. 


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Joseph John | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Feb 18 2013 9:32 AM

This is an old post, so not sure if you will get this response - but what I ended up doing is this:

On my PC, I created the reading plan, and exported to my outlook calendar. My outlook calendar syncs to my google calendar, so I have an "appointment" set up on my calendar, that automatically notifies me daily (at whatever time I chose when exporting the reading plan to outlook calendar).


What would be good is if the "appointment" in my android calendar had a hyperlink to open the Logos Bible app to the correct passage, so that when the appointment came up, I could just click on the link in the appointment, and it would take me exactly where I need it to.

(this 'hyperlink' works in outlook - you can open the appointment in outlook, and assuming you are on the same PC where logos is installed, clicking on the hyperlink in the outlook appointment takes you to the right passage in logos.

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